ARTH Community Engagement Events
ARTH Community engagement events are community-centered orientations held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Under this, various skill-based workshops, social welfare camps, and sensitization sessions are conducted. The aim of community engagement events is to influence communities towards sustainable and impactful change.

ARTH Community engagement events are a community-centered orientation based on dialogue. It allows for a contextually relevant understanding of community members perceptions of society, as well as the development of stronger relationships among and between community members. The outcomes of these events are social capital and stronger relational networks. Community engagement is primarily concerned with the practice of influencing communities towards change.

The foremost objective of holding community engagement events each month is to organize women and other people from the community together and to increase their interaction with each other and their engagement with ARTH and its social welfare initiatives.

  • Open a channel of engagement and communication between community members.
  • Provide a space for our beneficiaries to participate, interact and take on leadership positions
  • Raising awareness and sensitization about different socio-economical topics and themes amongst the community members through workshops, activities and events that includes but is not limited to the themes like financial literacy, good health and reproductive education, health campaigns, digital literacy, etc.